It's been a bit of a frightening year in the way of digital privacy. The full scope of the NSA's PRISM project is still being sussed out, and yesterday it came to light that some nefarious types had successfully exploited the webcams in previous generation MacBooks without illuminating their green LED indicators (credit Jordon Golson,

I used to make fun of my father for the small square of electrical tape that he stuck over his laptop's webcam, but today I find myself eating my words. They taste awfully bitter.

If you're like me, you rarely use your computer's webcam. Unwilling to compromise my MacBook Air's svelte design, I devised a free way to gracefully cover its lens. All you need is a hole punch and some electrical tape. Pop out a hole or two of the tape to make a perfectly sized sticker that can be easily removed or remade. Once applied, the solution is barely discernible from the original lens, protecting you from prying eyes without the tin-foil-cap stigma of a sticky note, or otherwise unflattering solution. Just be sure to position it over the center of the lens, as the MacBook's ambient light sensor resides just to the left, behind a series of tiny, laser-drilled holes that mirror the LED on the right. Fire up PhotoBooth for a quick test, and then get back to surfing the web in your unmentionables.